Our Story

Natural ingredients, well-being and positivity have always been at the heart of Gina’s Tan, so it makes sense that our tanning journey began in a garden log cabin sixteen years ago.

Quickly finding that customers sought the unique blend of a home-grown approach and luxurious results, our founder, Gina, expanded into Tan Fab Easy. Cultivating a tanning sanctuary from an industrial estate, Gina proved that fearlessness and innovation were at the heart of the business: this was the first ever salon to work out of such a location in the area! The brand flourished. Following Tan Fab Easy’s success, Gina’s Boutique, our fashion branch, was launched.

Gina’s heart has always belonged to tanning, so staying true to her brand’s wholesome beginnings she dedicated herself to promoting a safe tanning ethos and the Gina’s Tan range was born.

We encourage exceptional tanning with the health and wellness of customers at the forefront. This is where we find you today: the perfect combination of beauty and health.

“We are all stars and we deserve to twinkle”

– Marilyn Monroe

Gina’s Tan wants to celebrate; to celebrate you, your body and your fabulous skin. Our philosophy is simple: we want you to glow. We like to think of our products as a personal embrace: apply Gina’s and wear a home-grown passion for tanning, rooted in health, positivity and natural balance.

Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘We are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle.’ Here at Gina’s, we could not agree more. Which is why we curated a choice of products that speak to you as an individual. What you want is as important to us as it is to you. Whatever your skin type or tanning goals, we have you covered.

The benefits of tanning spray and mousses are plentiful. Our products will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and nourished due to our careful blend of natural and quality ingredients. Others tell you to tan to improve yourself; we want to enhance your already amazing body. Our products work with you to build confidence, sensuality and beauty on the outside and in.

Feeling great shouldn’t be a chore and neither should your skin routine. Our range has been developed for you to experience in the comfort of your own home. Easy-to-use, elegantly fragrant and 100% natural, you can tan on your own terms without compromise.

So, let your inner star shine and have a browse of our products.